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The Pixie Cut Kurz has been one of the most popular short hairstyles for many years. Especially this year, this hairstyle is totally in and trendy. It is worn by many women. But what can be understood by a short pixie . Below you will find all the details about this hairstyle. The short pixie cut actually looks similar to a short bob. The sides are rather shorter, while the top coat is up to ten centimeters long. The neck is either graded or completely shaved. The exact length can be decided by the wearer.

Long story short the pixie cut is so pretty. The short pixie cut is versatile and suits every woman. The hair structure does not play a role here. Because fine or thick hair – with the help of the right hairdresser you can become a wearer of a short pixie cut . With fine hair you get volume on the head. If you have thick hair, you might prefer a long pixie cut so that you don’t get a helmet effect. Thus, the short pixie cut is out of the question for thick hair.

Pixie Cut 2021 Short is very popular in recent days. The care of the short pixie cutis actually easy. It is important to get your hair trimmed regularly. A hairstyle that has grown out looks unkempt and is difficult to style. Flat irons and hair wax are also always needed. For a beach look you can buy the salt water spray. You also have to buy the right straightening irons and curling irons. Because for short hair, thinner straightening irons and curling irons are better suited than thicker ones. When washing your hair, you should make sure that you use shampoos with natural ingredients. Also, the ends of your hair shouldn’t be left dry either. To do this, you can massage special conditioners or conditioners into your ends when you wash your hair. If you decide to have long hair again, you should go to the hairdresser and make sure

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