22 Cute Pixie haircut with bangs 2022

A pixie cut with bangs is a short haircut between half an inch and three inches long, styled with front or side bangs. For fashion-forward women who have the confidence to embrace a more chic hairstyle, this is definitely a great option for you! From Hollywood legend Mia Farrow to today’s pop icon Miley Cyrus, a pixie haircut with bangs is literally immortal on many levels! The main reason the fringed pixie style stands the test of time is that it works for all hair types, colors and even face shapes. All you need is the expert advice of your trusted hairstylist.

Perfect if you’re a real-life guy, grooming pixies at home is a breeze! However, if you want to keep your perfect length short, be prepared for monthly visits to your salon for regular trims. The most stylish cut curls come your way to prove that even the shortest locks can have such styling versatility. Looking for ideas for a pixie cut with bangs? Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the trendiest pixie cuts with bangs!


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