Red and Black Hair : Ombre, Balayage & Highlights.

Red and black hair is when hair that is black is colored red, but leaving some parts of hair that is black visible. The most popular methods to dye black hair red is through highlights, ombres, or the balayage. This is a totally new way to transform a plain black hairstyle. Many women are using this trendy shade to create an elegant and dramatic style with incredible perspective and depth. All you require is stripes of red or a scarlet ombre to create an edgy or soft style in the way you style this mix. Don’t forget to choose a color that is suitable for your skin and note the amount of maintenance required by reds! Prior to your next hair appointment go through these stylish images of black and red hair color!

Black hair with red dip-dye

black hair with red dip-dye

Black with red Streaks for Curly hair

Black with red streaks for curly hair


Red and Black Split Dye for Long Hair

red and black split dye for Long Hair


Half Red Half Black on Straight Hair

half red half black hair on straight hair


Brown Red and Black Hair

Brown Red and Black Hair

Beautiful Rose Gold Highlights on Black Hair

Beautiful Rose Gold Highlights on Black Hair

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