26 Asymmetrical Pixie Cut Ideas That Make a Statement

A stylish Asymmetrical pixie cut is a haircut that has one side being shorter than the other. It’s a modern take on the classic pixie style. Sylvia Barson, a hairstylist from Jackson, MI, shares her opinion on this haircut, stating, “It’s a super trendy and cool cut that is suitable for women of all different ages.” Barson elaborates how crucial it is to make certain when you decide to get an asymmetrical cut, particularly if you already have hair that is long. “If you aren’t happy with how long the cut is on the short part growing out, it could be rough,” she says. Make sure you spend to your stylist to talk about these issues. Talking about the smallest of things can be a huge help, particularly with asymmetrical cuts. “If there isn’t enough distinct it won’t appear as symmetrical,” she explains. “It is only going to look odd.” Hairstyles like pixies just like any other hairstyle, require the right styling. “It’s difficult for your hair to appear elegant if you don’t style it,” states Barson. Pomade wax, cream, or other products are much easier to use to style your hair. These products offer a good quantity of texture and volume. Enjoy a fresh new look! Explore these images of the most popular short asymmetrical pixie cuts!

Straight asymmetrical pixie cut

#1: Straight Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Wavy asymmetrical pixie haircut

#2: Wavy Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

asymmetrical pixie cut for women over 30

#3: Asymmetrical Pixie for Women Over 30

Asymmetrical pixie with a blonde balayage

4. Asymmetrical Pixie With a Blonde Balayage

Blonde asymmetrical pixie for short hair

#5: Blonde Asymmetrical Pixie for Short Hair

Asymmetrical pixie for older women with thin hair

#6: Asymmetrical Pixies for older women with thin hair

#7: Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut

#8: Asymmetrical Long Pixie with Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical pixie for women over 40

#9: Asymmetrical Pixie for Women Over 40

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