+10 super chic hairstyles for fine and straight hair

The secret to pixie hairstyle ideas is volume. Women with naturally thick hair are favored by fashion because of the innate volume they have! A pixie cut for thick hair is a short haircut, heavily layered and textured to reduce volume – making the pixie the best short cut for thick hair. A pixie is usually cut short on the sides and nape of the neck and longer on top.

Haircut specialist Brian Aguilar gives pixies a makeover every now and then and shows how texture and bangs can add finesse to a short cut.

Thick braids require regular trims and proper care, as they can become too wild and unruly if not taken care of.

Tapered hair highlights the face even more, so it’s important to think about what facial features you want to emphasize. Pieces and layers that frame the face can do wonders for a pixie cut and your overall look when done strategically.

Celebrities who have recently been spotted wearing a thick, rocking pixie include Ruby Rose, Viola Davis, Blake Lively and Tyra Banks, and they are more than enough inspiration!

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