22 Pixie Bob haircuts and asymmetrical hairstyles for fashionable women

An asymmetrical pixie bob is a short haircut with an unbalanced length on the sides. Part of the hair is longer, creating a striking side-swept style.

Hairstylist Cherie Walker of Panania, AU, points out the attractive features of an asymmetrical chop.

“An asymmetrical cut always looks well done. Whether you tend to wear it more elegantly or leave it natural and wavy, it will look great in either style,” says Walker.

If you want an offbeat look, go for it! Asymmetry is a great way to update an average bob. It’s also for women who like to tuck in one side of their locks.

A pixie bob can take the volume out of thick tresses. However, it’s not recommended for those with an extreme amount of hair. Walker explains, “It will be too difficult to style because it will give women too much volume, making the hair unmanageable.”

Keep in mind that maintenance is key. You can wash it and wear it, but you need to tone down your strands and reshape the look the next day. You can use oil for frizz or go over it with a straightener.

Look for a stylist who can do such bold cuts. Braids should not be cut too short to be manageable. The length on one side should be long enough to showcase the asymmetrical style.

It is crucial to ask your stylist if the desired cut suits your look, hair texture and lifestyle.

Use these photos for inspiration. The best choices for the trendiest and hottest pixie bob haircuts and asymmetrical hairstyles are here!

Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie with an Undercut

Cute Asymmetric Bixie for Women Over 70

Chic Pixie Bob with Side-Swept Fringe.
Angled Asymmetrical Bob for Straight Hair


Wavy Asymmetrical Pixie Bob for Mature Women
Side-Parted Asymmetrical Bob Cut for Thick Hair
Long Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Layered Pixie Bob with a Side Shave

Textured Asymmetrical Pixie Bob
Long Choppy Asymmetrical Bixie
Short Asymmetrical Bob with Micro Bangs
Chin-Length Asymmetrical Bob with a Side Part
Deep Side Part for Asymmetrical Bixie Hair
Asymmetrical Cropped Hair for Older Women
Graduated Pixie Bob for Salt-And-Pepper Hair
A-line Pixie with Asymmetrical Sides
Asymmetrical Bixie with Piece-y Layers
Side-Swept Asymmetrical Pixie Bob
Stacked Pixie Bob with a Long Side Fringe
Hidden Undercut on a Pixie Bob
Pixie Bob Cut with Asymmetrical Side Bangs
Long Side-Swept Bangs for a Pixie Bob

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