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TRJ listens to no call be merciful. He currently has three for six, while Leicestershire drops to the ball 13-4. And they are saved by bad light.

Who wants to play regional festival cricket? in August against Leicestershire? “The merry-go-round of the Midlands”. They’re already sifting through tonight, currently 6-2 chasing another 269. Have mercy on Murtagh and Roland-Jones.

resurrected Kent, fresh from the win against Hampshire, have a buffer of 14 points.

Next week’s big Div 1 games: Kent v Somerset, Warwicks v Hants, Yorks v Gloucs.

Gloucestershire’s win gives Yorkshire a 15 point cushion over the bottom 2 (Gloucs and Warwicks). She should be safe.

Surrey weather

Thanks to Lizzie for these shots

That Surrey wins in numbers: their first win since 2018, their 20th overall, their second under captain Rory Burns, their first under head coach Gareth Batty, 22 used players, 11 homegrown, their youngest player 19 (Tom Lawes), with 12 batters at an average of over 40 and five bowlers averaging under 25.

Middlesex duly slip slide from 209-3 to 271 completely off. Roland-Jones last man out to give Ahmed his third wicket. Leicestershire need 275 runs (less than their first innings) to win their first game for (starts flipping the phone book)…. some time.

Gloucestershire defeated Warwickshire by three wickets

Bristol: Gloucestershire 255 and 149-7 BEAT Warwickshire 274 and 128 by three wickets.

Zafar and bowling hero Tom Price bring it home! Gloucestershire’s first Division One win in 17 years!

Can Derby last three and a bit sessions against the mighty Glamorgan? They still follow at 241 – Reece and Guest back in the loft.

Middlesex lose to Leicestershire wasn’t on my bingo card. Middx lead 268 with one wicket left. Parkinson4-67.

The Yorkies watch on shaky ground as Warwickshire grabs this from the Gloucesters.

I went to get a chocolate brownie, got slightly derailed and now Gloucestershire’s seven down the Ten Four is needed for Yadav. Not convinced by that Gloucestershire tail

While the gardeners push little mowers up and down the square and a group of skinny young boys nail the groundsheet at The Oval for another year.

They have closed the curtains for today at Durham v Sussex, 14 balls bowled, one wicket then rain.

Tea time scores


Chelmsford: Lancashire 131 and 73 BEAT Essex 107 and 59 with 38 runs

Bristol: Gloucestershire 255 and 125-4 against Warwickshire 274 and 128 Gloucs needs 23 to win

The Rose Bowl: Kent 165 and 269 BEAT Hampshire 57 and 300 with 77 runs.

Taunton: Somerset 389 and 118-1 against Northants 265

the oval: Surrey 333 and 55-0 BEAT Yorkshire 179 and 208 by ten wickets


The riverbank: Durham 459-7dec against Sussex 162 and 9-4 To rain

Sophia Gardens: Glamorgan 550-5Dec v Derbyshire 253 and 26-1

Grace Road: Leicestershire 294 v Middlesex 297 and 253-6

New way: Worcestershire 390 BEAT Nottinghamshire 128 and 183 with an innings and 79 runs

Anyway, tea around the site where Gloucestershire is almost home. Scores follow.

Essex on the HPR

That full quote from John Stephenson:

“I spoke to the members, we had a forum recently, so they have been consulted, I have spoken to the board. As it stands, we wouldn’t vote for a Champ cut, a red ball cricket cut, and we wouldn’t vote for a cut in the home T20s.”

“My job is to protect the interests of Essex CCC and its members and go back to the original reason for this review was to improve the performance of our team. There are obviously different opinions on all this and you could have a huge debate about what makes a better player.

In my opinion reducing the amount of cricket is not the way to produce better cricketers and certainly from an Essex point of view we would not want to see a reduction in the amount of champion cricket. We like to host seven games a year, the members enjoy red ball cricket and as a former player I would not have enjoyed the prospect of playing less red ball cricket I would not necessarily [think] it makes me a better rb player. I think you can pick a lot of holes in, cert when it comes to structural stuff and the schematic. 2023 will have the same schedule that I am happy with. Knowing with certainty what 2023 will look like is reassuring. In 2024 there will be a long period of debate and consultation about that and we will see what happens.

“I don’t think the club is in a position to vote for a reduction in the number of cricket home games. that’s our lifeline, that’s what generates income for the club and not just that, it’s something the members love to watch and not just the members, the general public from essex come to chelmsford for those twenty games and it’s a great spectacle , it’s great for the community, it’s great for Chelmsford to have us here to host t20 cricket on the county site and I would be very opposed to reducing that to five home games.”

2023 will remain the same, so during the Hundred comp next year the 50 over comp will be played, hopefully we will have four home games like we had this year, which was a real triumph, we had 3,000 people here for every game, nice weather, good places. We had a lot of players absent for the Hundred, but it gave us a great opportunity to play against a younger team and we saw great talent and the players loved it.”

“Looking at 2024, I think we have to start from the basics that we can’t play a championship cricket during the Hundred, we can’t compromise the integrity of that league by playing a lesser red ball during the Hundred. So I hope the ECB sees the over-50s bleeding young players as a performance bonus.”

Ollie Pope on Surrey, “I would do anything for this club, when they asked if I wanted to play it was a good idea.”

Rory Burns on a 10-match championship

“Personally, I think it would be too short for the required integrity of the County Championship.”

“I hope we’re doing it for the greater good of the game, not to keep celebrity cricket alive”

Gareth Batty on the HPR: “I hope we’re doing it for the greater good of the game, not to keep celebrity cricket alive”

And what it would be like to win a Division One of six teams, “IT would reduce the emotion.”

A fantastic turnout on a Thursday afternoon to cheer the players on the ground. And the sun shines. The last time Surrey won the title, Colin Graves refused to hand Surrey the trophy after a huge fight in the committee room – happy days.

A very happy Gareth Batty is chatting “Having Rory back at the helm was gold” “Worrall is the best signing in county cricket ever.”

England boys – “they wanted to play at Northants, it speaks volumes about what it means to the group.”

“Don’t reject Will Jacks.”

Ah that’s cute – Surrey embark on a lap of honor around The Oval, beer in hand.

Kent and now Essex to say no to the HPR:

BBC report: Essex chief executive and interim chairman John Stephenson told BBC Essex the club would not vote for a reduction in the championship in its current form.

— Huw Turbervill (@huwzat) September 22, 2022

At The Oval, Steve Elworthy comes in in his smart jacket and shakes hands with the ground crew, who are busy sweeping and mowing and fetching the boundary rope.

Surrey wins the 2022 County Championship

A half-hearted “Sur-rey, Sur-rey” comes out of the corner as Rory Burns rips Tattersall to the border, drops his bat, takes off his helmet and hugs Patel hugely. Tattersall kicks into the air and Burns and Patel get a standing ovation from the crowd and Yorkshire.

A Tattersall moon ball represents the mood of Yorkshire.

Surrey slappage.

Surrey heading for a flyer: 16 of the first left from Ben Coad.

Kent defeated Hampshire by 77 runs

Kent 165 and 269 BEAT Hampshire 57 and 300 with 77 runs. Fuller stranded, Abbas the last man away before eight. Hampshire bids farewell to yet another championship

Gilchrist 4-60; Vincent 73; Fuller 73 not out.

Nathan Gilchrist celebrates after taking the last wicket from Mohammad Abbas
Nathan Gilchrist celebrates after taking the last wicket from Mohammad Abbas Photo: Steve Bailey/ProSports/Shutterstock

Rory Burns takes four of the first ball and Surrey is on his way to the championship.

Somerset hitting again, Lammonby and Imam make progress. And that’s Yorkshire done – Patterson threw one. Four for Worrall, two for Overton, two for Roach.