Laver Cup protester dragged off court after ‘setting himself on fire’ as crowd was stunned | tennis | Sport

Laver Cup protester dragged off court after 'setting himself on fire' as crowd was stunned |  tennis |  Sport


Laver Cup fans were shocked when play came to a halt when a protester took to the field and set himself on fire during Stefanos Tsitsipas’ match against Diego Schwartzman. The man in question was quickly dragged off the field before play resumed on Friday in the second game of the day.

There was a bizarre incident at the Laver Cup when a protester managed to get onto the pitch of the O2 Arena and set himself on fire. Spectators in the crowd noted on social media that a man had launched a flare onto the field and lit a small fire, seemingly accidentally setting his own arm on fire.


Security rushed to extinguish the fire and remove him from the field. An employee took off his blazer and stomped on it over the fire to extinguish the flame before several carried the man away. The protester in question was wearing a t-shirt that read ‘End UK private jets’.

Tsitsipas could then be asked to the referee if he could use the field. Court officials poured water on the affected area and wiped it with towels.

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