“Starmer doesn’t have to ‘sit’ if Labor is going to win the next Labor election,” Mandelson says


Liz Truss will launch a “post-truth” campaign to present the Conservatives as the Party for Change in the upcoming elections, Peter Mandelson Cautious, as Keir called on Starmer not to “sit down” and assume automatic victory.

While the work He has made steady progress in the opinion polls for nine months, and has urged former government minister Starmer to “do a better job” of informing voters of how the party has developed under his leadership to boost its chances of entering government.


Lord Mandelson, who has been involved in labor campaigns going back to 1987, said he expected the next election to be in 2024, and to be a battle for change.

“Either we present it convincingly, or the British public will turn to others who say they do,” he wrote in the preface to a report prepared by a group of media professionals known as “Work in Communications”.

Conservatives will try to launch a post-truth campaign – a campaign pretending that the past decade of austerity, division and chaos did not happen. This was a period when successive Conservative Prime Ministers offered Britain no sense of mission or planning. This is our seriousness. The British people have their eyes set on the future and we have to do that too.”

Mandelson said Starmer could not “sit back and let events take their course” in the hope that it would sweep Downing Street out of discontent with the conservativesHe called him to “worry for change.”

He said that the ideas presented by the Communications Working Group provided “unique thinking and a number of solutions” that would help the party show “we have restored the fighting spirit and desire for change that has characterized this party throughout its history.”

Suggestions made by the group of more than 3,500 members, Included in the work to build on Starmer’s appearance in Piers Morgan’s life stories and “emphasize his humanity,” engage more with “traditionally hostile media,” and take advantage of local “Instagram influencers” and “champion voters” to appeal to hard-to-reach sections of the electorate.

The party must also “remain positive” but not be afraid to take advantage of “quick wins from the Conservative Party when possible”; It should not focus on “green jobs” that bring back manufacturing roles, but instead promote the potential for new jobs in digital, finance and innovation, the report added.

After Labor’s convention, which runs from Saturday through next Wednesday, Starmer was urged to devise a “North Star” for economic recovery and reform to help guide the party as the next election approaches. The report said Truss has captured the public’s imagination for a “widespread response to rising gas prices” and if it continues down the same path, “By 2023 Starmer may find himself in trouble.”

“Starmer’s biggest challenge will be dealing with Truss’ attempt to distance herself from Boris and ‘re-brand’ the Conservative Party,” she said.

The Labor leader was urged to “play the ‘reasonable’ and ‘stable’ perception that had long been seen as having to confront the error-prone nature of Truss” and was told he could benefit from being seen as ‘nice’ and ‘ Boring”, “Especially in a time of national crisis”.